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NAACP | A message from David J. Johns, Executive Director, National Black Justice Coalition

‘Malcolm X reminded us that the most disrespected, unprotected and neglected person in America is the Black woman. Let’s work together by using tools and resources like the Gender Justice toolkit to understand and practice the powerful ways we can way to protect, uplift, and empower all Black women and girls–including Black cisgender and transgender, women and girls– and to deconstruct the way violent and oppressive language and actions used against them. The only way to get free is to ensure we all get free. ’

The mission of the National Association for the Advancement of Colored People is to ensure the political, educational, social, and economic equality of rights of all persons and to eliminate race-based discrimination.

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Janet Mock and Our Lady J Make Emmy History With 'Pose'

“We are grateful to the Television Academy for seeing us. Working with this trailblazing cast and crew is award enough. It is why I stand here awed by this recognition. I hope the spotlight of this nomination burns bright on our industry's urgent need for more inclusive storytelling, where those who lived it are empowered to tell their own stories,” Mock said in a statement to ET. “Congratulations to our leading man Billy Porter on his nomination, and all our fellow nominees.”

The transgender producing team landed a breakthrough nomination while Laverne Cox was once again recognized for acting.

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Being uninsured poses unique health care challenges for the transgender community

"I was in my 30s when I began my transition," she said. "It's not easy to turn a manly man into a woman. When you want something so bad, you don't care what you risk.“For some, it’s a lifelong process,” she said. “Many are happy once they reach a stage where they are comfortable. That’s really what it’s about -- to be comfortable in your own skin.”"

Transgender individuals often face significant hurdles trying to navigate the health care system and access hormonal, mental health therapies and surgical procedures

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Trans man fighting to be legal father of child has anonymity removed

‘Freddy McConnell is fighting to have his child's birth certificate list him as his father rather than mother. But a group of British newspapers succeeded in challenging the order on the grounds of public interest.’ UK MEDIA ARE EVIL!🤬

A trans man in the UK fighting to be registered as the father on his child's birth certificate has lost the right to anonymity during the case hearing.

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Trump defense pick rebuked for 'misleading' testimony on trans military ban

‘Trump’s choice to become the next secretary of defense Mark Esper was rebuked Tuesday during his confirmation hearing for “misleading” testimony in which he asserted transgender people who “can meet the standards with special accommodations” can serve in the military.’


President Trump’s choice to become the next secretary of defense Mark Esper was rebuked Tuesday — the day of his confirmation hearing — for “misleading” comments on the transgender military ban.

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How Manchester celebrated diversity at the Sparkle Weekend

‘Manchester celebrated transgender, genderqueer and non-binary communities over the weekend.
Sparkle Weekend took place in the Gay Village and saw people come together from far and wide to support the LGBT+ community.’

The event, in the Gay Village, featured live music, stalls and face painting

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Transgender people will not be criminalised for begging in India

‘Controversial provisions in an Indian law that criminalised begging by transgender people and forced them to register as trans have been struck out.’

Provisions in a new bill meant to strengthen transgender rights in India that would have criminalised begging by trans people have been struck out.

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How employers are failing transgender employees in a crucial way

‘Recently, Toomey’s doctor has recommended that he have a hysterectomy — another medically necessary, but expensive, surgery. This procedure will also require Toomey to pay out-of-pocket since Arizona’s health insurance coverage excludes transition-related surgery.’

“Healthcare related to gender transition has been universally recognized by every major medical organization as medically necessary care,” says one expert.

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Trans activist released after 120 days in solitary confinement in male prison

“A 19-year-old transgender woman who spent four months in solitary confinement in an all-male prison was released on Monday (July 15) after a social media campaign calling for her freedom.”

A 19-year-old trans woman who spent four months in solitary confinement in a male prison has been freed after a social media campaign for her release.

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I'm Trans, Autistic, And More Common Than You'd Think

‘There are guides for being trans and guides for coping with autism, but none for how to deal with living at that intersection, writes journalist Laura Kate Dale’

There are guides for being trans and guides for coping with autism, but none for how to deal with living at that intersection, writes journalist Laura...

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