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Itali Marlowe was shot to death last month. Her roommate is a suspect.

'This week, Houston police reported that they are seeking her roommate, Raymond Donald Williams, and are asking the public for information that will lead to his identification and arrest. They report that the Fort Bend County District Attorney’s Office has filed charges for Marlowe’s murder against Williams..’

Police in Houston are trying to find the person who shot the black transgender woman...

2 hours ago
Murder trial following death of transgender woman adjourned until next year

‘THE trial of a man accused of the murder of a transgender woman has been adjourned until next year.’

THE trial of a man accused of the murder of a transgender woman has been adjourned until next year.

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National Coming Out Day marked by worry over supreme court LGBTQ case

‘National Coming Out Day festivities across the US were tempered this year by anxiety that some LGBTQ people may have to go back into the closet so they can make a living, depending on what the supreme court decides about workplace discrimination..’

As court considers workplace discrimination protections, revellers and activists ponder fragile state of their rights

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Transgender youth: Navigating gender identity in adolescence

"I think a lotta people don't realize that trans kids are just kids. We go through the same things. We go through the same heartbreaks. We go through the same struggles, the same teenage experience. And most of the time, we're not able to go through them because people are so focused on being, like, 'You're a trans kid. We have to treat you differently.'"

Five years after meeting a trio of children grappling with a grown-up issue, "Sunday Morning" met up with them to see how their lives have progressed

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Pain and progress: CNN's LGBTQ town halls mark historic political moment

‘Demonstrators with signs interrupted to demand greater awareness of the violence plaguing transgender women of color.’

For many Americans, LGBTQ history can be a portal of pain. That's in no small part because it tends to feel so incomplete: lives lived belatedly, lives lost prematurely.

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Chandler teacher fired for religious, anti-gay actions

‘Chandler Unified School District fired an art teacher for allegedly discriminating against a transgender student and bringing a box of Bibles to her classroom.
Annella Krom’s conduct at Arizona College Preparatory-Erie was described as “objectionable, disrespectful, and unprofessional” in a report by district staff to the governing board.
Students accused Krom of freely discussing her Christian beliefs in class and expressing anti-gay viewpoints, including she thought homosexuals were “just confused.”
The allegations led to her termination earlier this ... See more

Chandler Unified School District fired an art teacher for allegedly discriminating against a transgender student and bringing a box of Bibles to her classroom.

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UK transgender charity speaks out amongst claims of detransitioning

Mermaids slammed recent reporting by the British press describing it recent reports as ” misleading stories, seemingly designed to undermine, frighten, alienate and demonise a vulnerable minority, including children.”

UK charity Mermaids which helps people experiencing gender dysphoria has responded to media reports in the UK that claim there are hundreds of transgender people wanting to reverse the process. The group posted a series of comments to Twitter recently...

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School turns down free Chick-fil-A lunch ‘out of respect for LGBTQ staff’

“Out of respect to our LGBTQ staff, we have chosen to not serve Chick-Fil-A at an employee lunch. The No. 1 rule at Lusher is to be kind and we live this motto every day,” Corbett said. “Chick-Fil-A has been politically outspoken about its views, and we feel it is not part of Lusher’s culture of kindness and community.”

A high school in New Orleans turned down a free Chick-fil-A lunch for its teaching staff due to the...

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This is what it’s like to be a disabled, disfigured, gay trans woman

‘Changing Faces activist Mikaela Moody shares her experiences of being disabled, gay and transgender, and the challenges of ‘passing’ as a woman when you have a visible difference..’

Changing Faces activist Mikaela Moody shares her experience being gay, transgender and disabled and the frustrations of 'passing' with a visible difference.

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This World Mental Health Day, spare a thought for the trans children whose lives have become unbearable

‘I’m 29, and I can tell you without a single drop of doubt that I would be happier today had I been able to explore my gender identity, with the support of qualified professionals, as a teenager – when the rest of society, cisgender society, explores theirs..’

"Were there a powerful trans lobby, the first thing I would want it to do would be to put Piers Morgan on a planet very far away."

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