4 hours ago
Mother drops action against woman who said she 'mutilated' trans daughter

Susie Green, who is chief executive of children’s charity Mermaids and whose daughter Jackie is trans, said that she had decided to withdraw the complaint against Caroline Farrow, a transphobic attention seeker because of widespread reports that the dispute had only been about “misgendering”. It was more than that....

Susie Green withdraws police complaint against Catholic commentator over ‘misinformation’ fears

6 hours ago
New York City LGBTI center slammed for hosting Republican event

‘The Center agreed to host an LGBT Town Hall hosted by right wing campaign group Walk Away. The movement hopes to get LGBTI people to leave the Democractic Party for the Republicans.’

The Center in New York, an LGBTI Center, has come under fire for agreeing to host a Republican event with known critics of the LGBTI community.

6 hours ago
The Economist under fire for asking if transgender people should be sterilised

‘The publication deleted the tweet yesterday and posted a clarification which said that their original post had “mischaracterised” the article. Despite this, the publication did not issue an apology until today.’

The publication has since apologised for the tweet.

7 hours ago
Transgender student takes province to court over sex-ed

‘Audra Brown speaks with a Grade 10 transgender student who has filed a human rights complaint against the Ontario government over the sex ed curriculum. young Black.’

Audra Brown speaks with a Grade 10 transgender student who has filed a human rights complaint against the Ontario government over the sex ed curriculum.

8 hours ago
Transgender activist Laverne Cox urges Penn to prioritize mental wellness at SPEC event

‘“It’s complicated because, just because I am on the cover of a magazine does not mean the everyday lives of transgender people are not still in peril,” Cox said. "To really change the landscape, they can't just be included in the media but fully into society."’

At the event, Cox talked about a variety of topics ranging from her love of Beyonce to deeper questions about trauma, privilege, and her experience as a transgender women of color. 

9 hours ago
Sign the Petition

●PLEASE SIGN IF YOU CAN: Allow transgender boy to run for Prom King
‘Last week, the Johnson High School administration was informed by the Hall County Schools superintendent, Will Schofield, that Dex Frier, a transgender male, must be removed from the Prom King ballot. The solution, proposed by Mr. Schofield, was to allow Dex a choice between being listed on the Prom Queen ballot or to be removed from both ballots. Prior to Mr. Schofield's interference, we, the Johnson High School student body, elected Dex Frier to represent us as a male member on Prom Court—this was a free-response, ... See more

Allow transgender boy to run for Prom King

10 hours ago
Are You a Transgender Service Member? We Want to Hear From You.

‘As we continue reporting on this policy, Mother Jones wants to hear from you. Are you a trans service member applying for a waiver? How are you and your loved ones dealing with this shift in policy? Let us know how the Pentagon’s transgender military ban affects you. Fill out the form below, send us an email at talk@motherjones.com, or leave us a voicemail at (510) 519-MOJO. We may use some of your responses in a follow-up story.’

The Trump administration is banning most transgender service members from serving openly next month.

11 hours ago
Japan urged to stop requiring transgender people to be sterilised

“Human Rights Watch has urged Japan to drop its requirement that transgender people be sterilised to have their gender changed on official documents..”

Law says people seeking to register gender change must have reproductive organs removed

12 hours ago
Tory MP Philip Davies blocks LGBT+ inclusive relationship education

The MP previously voiced concerns about children being exposed to "homosexuality and transgenderism."
‘Conservative MP Philip Davies has single-handedly delayed regulations to make relationship education mandatory, amid a row over LGBT+ education. young Black.’

The MP is under fire.

13 hours ago
The Young Turks

‘Supposed “Democrat” votes against LGBTQ+ rights.’

Supposed “Democrat” votes against LGBTQ+ rights.

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