3 days ago
Trans journalist reveals why his bottom surgery, which may be cancelled due to coronavirus, is lifesaving

“Trans and non-binary people are seeing gender-affirming surgeries, like bottom surgery, cancelled because of coronavirus.”

A journalist whose bottom surgery might be cancelled because of coronavirus has spoken out about why his surgery isn't optional – it's lifesaving.

3 days ago
Hungary’s far-right leader Viktor Orban immediately moves to strip away trans rights after being granted absolute power

‘Hungary’s far-right prime minister Viktor Orban has moved to strip away trans rights as one of his very first acts after his pandemic power grab..’

Hungary's far-right prime minister Viktor Orban has moved to strip away trans rights as one of his very first acts after his pandemic power grab.

3 days ago
COVID-19: What about the transgender community?

‘The 21-day nationwide lockdown to control the novel coronavirus disease (COVID-19) outbreak has spelt trouble for the transgender community in India.’

Only the Kerala government announced temporary housing and food facilities for transgenders in the state so far    

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My true story

4 days ago
Amid a Global Crisis, Legislators Prioritize Targeting Trans Youth

‘While this feeling of being restricted by your government on one’s pursuit of happiness or bodily autonomy may be new for some dealing with COVID-19, it’s an all too common occurrence for LGBTQ+ people, hitting even harder for LGBTQ+ youth.’

Why is discrimination on anyone's agenda right now?

4 days ago
Dear World: I'm A Transgender Activist In Morocco

‘Our life as gay and trans people revolved around a few minutes of sex between the oak trees that line the highways of our cities, or in abandoned houses, or in rooftop rooms of sexual partners....”
(Published, 2017)


I decided to tell my family at the meal that breaks the Ramadan fast what I had been hiding for 20 years; that their son Hamza was really their daughter ...

4 days ago
Timeline Photos

'Transgender people everywhere deserve to live in dignity and security. Together, we will end hatred and bigotry towards trans Americans and build a nation based on love, justice and civil rights.' BERBIE SANDERS

4 days ago
Trans Day of Visibility 2020 - Being Visible! Riley Carter, Charlotte Clymer, Jeffrey Marsh

'SFor Trans Day of Visibility, Sarah O'Connell invited friends to share why visibility is important to them!'

For Trans Day of Visibility, Sarah O'Connell invited friends to share why visibility is important to them! Featuring: Riley Carter, Charlie Martin, Eddie Izz...

4 days ago
Meet the Transgender Doctor Leading Pennsylvania's COVID-19 Response

'Dr. Rachel Levine serves as Pennsylvania's secretary of health. She and Gov. Tom Wolf have been praised for the Keystone State's response to the COVID-19 epidemic..'

Dr. Rachel Levine discusses her work as the Keystone State's secretary of health.

4 days ago
Transgender woman stoned to death in Mexico

‘A trans woman was found stoned to death Sunday morning in the town of El Zapote, Mexico. According to the 911 emergency call, the discovery was made around 08:00 on the outskirts of the basketball court of said town.’


A transgender woman was found stoned to death early Sunday morning near the town of El Zapote, Mexico.

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