11 hours ago
Trans community’s ability to vote threatened by Boris Johnson’s voter ID plans

‘The UK prime minister Boris Johnson will tomorrow (October 14) unveil voter ID proposals to make showing photo ID compulsory in order to vote.’

Boris Johnson will announce new voter ID plans to force people to show photo ID before voting, which critics say will affect trans people's ability to vote.

12 hours ago
As a Transgender Woman, Halloween Has Always Been My Favorite Holiday

‘As a transgender adult woman, I understand the difficulties of finding Halloween costume ideas for transgender women. This is an experience that should be filled with joy and excitement—not dread and worry.’

Columnist Corey Rae reflects on the one day a year she always felt like herself.

15 hours ago
Kamala Harris just flipped the ‘bathroom predator’ myth on its head – and it’s perfect

‘“Kamala Harris just used an interesting analogy twist, saying that "There’s not a woman in her 20s who is not afraid of being raped," and that transgender people walk with the same fear of being harmed. She flipped the whole "bathroom predator" myth on its head..’

Democratic presidential hopeful Kamala Harris deftly subverted the trope of trans women as "bathroom predators" during an LGBT+ town hall event.

16 hours ago
CNN's Chris Cuomo apologizes for joke about gender pronouns

‘CNN host Chris Cuomo has apologized for joking about his pronouns when introducing 2020 Democratic presidential candidate Kamala Harris at an LGBTQ town hall event on Thursday night.’

After Kamala Harris introduced herself with ‘My pronouns are she, her and hers,’ Cuomo responded ‘Mine too’ at an LGBTQ town hall

17 hours ago
How a Play About a Gender-Nonconforming Kid Changed in the Trump Era

‘My hope is always that if you write something that feels authentic and truthful, then hopefully that leads to conversations and more empathy — both for kids and for parents, frankly, who might be struggling with this issue.’

Writer Daniel Pearle discusses the evolution of language in his 2013 play A Kid Like Jake — and how "the stakes are even higher" in 2019.

18 hours ago
Transgender community members open fashion week, create history

‘Fashion weeks are all about designer haute couture, out-of-the-box creativity and over the top make-ups. But this time, a fashion week happening in Mumbai created history for bringing a member of transgender community to open the show.’

Fashion weeks are all about designer haute couture, out-of-the-box creativity and over the top make-ups. But this time, a fashion week happening in Mumbai created history for bringing a member of transgender community to open the show. Laxmi Narayan Tripathi became the showstopper for designer Archa...

19 hours ago
Amy Klobuchar Passed Mic to Trans Woman of Color During Town Hall

“It matters when we are at the table to be a part of the dialogue to really shape the narrative that is surrounding our communities,” Jenkins said. “People think that we are all sex workers and drug dealers or some other kind of nefarious behavior. And that is because society has pushed trans women of color into these situations because there's no other options.”

Andrea Jenkins was the Senator’s guest, and during a press gaggle, Klobuchar gave her a platform to speak.

20 hours ago
'I Hate People Like You': Trans Woman Working As Sex Worker Survives After Being Shot By Client - Blavity

“Why is your voice deep,” she recalled the man asked her.
She responded in Spanish, “I am transgender.”
“He started saying, ‘Oh, so you’re a guy, not a girl? I hate people like you,’” she recalled. Calderon Rivera said she hopped out of the truck, and the man began following her and lashing out with homophobic and transphobic language. She said she found what seemed to be a safe place at a bus stop, but soon saw the truck coming toward her.
“He stopped and he started shooting,” she tearfully described. “This is the worst memory I will ... See more

With the alarming rise of trans killings across the country, the survival of Daniela Calderon Rivera , who was shot six times, is a testament of strength. In an interview with CNN from her hospital bed in Dallas, the trans woman of color explained the violence she suffered is not rare for trans wome...

21 hours ago
Thousands call for Piers Morgan to be fired by Good Morning Britain for ‘dehumanising’ trans people

‘More than 6,000 people are calling for Piers Morgan to be removed as anchor of Good Morning Britain for his “dehumanisation” of transgender people..’

More than 6,000 people are calling on ITV to sack Piers Morgan for his "dehumanising" coverage of the transgender community on Good Morning Britain.

22 hours ago
Essex Police launch anti-hate crime campaign after spike in incidents

‘Over the next week, as part of National Hate Crime Awareness Week, the force will be talking about different hate crime offences, offering advice on how to report them and signpost to where further support is provided..’

ESSEX Police have launched a new campaign raising awareness of hate crime after a spike in incidents last year.

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