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Four Retired General and Flag Officers Identify Significant Error in D.C. Appeals Court Ruling on Transgender Troops - Palm Center

“The court fell for a sleight of hand designed to blur the reality that Mattis delivered exactly what Trump ordered. The need for an injunction protecting transgender people who serve their country remains precisely the same.”

SAN FRANCISCO, CA – In anticipation of the Supreme Court’s deliberations on President Trump’s transgender military ban this Friday, the Palm Center today released the following statement by three retired Army generals and one retired Navy admiral who identified a significant error in last week...

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PM's Complaint Cell in action: Transgender gets harasser arrested

Beebo approached the Prime Minister’s Complaint Cell against an accused Ras Khan who hurled threats and fired shots to harass her. The police took action against the accused and arrested him from the Surizai village.

An official of the Capital City Police said that a local dancer, Danish alias Beebo, had approached the Prime Minister’s Complaint Cell against an accused Ras Khan who allegedly hurled threats and fired shots to harass the dancer.

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‘Most culprits of crimes against transgender persons escape unpunished’ |TNN

“Whenever a case appears on the social media, policemen appear from somewhere and show efficiency by conducting press conferences, and then they forget about the case,”

President TransAction Alliance Farzana Jan has called for issuance of notification for establishment of committees for their protection.

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9 months of solitary followed California prison rape complaint, lawsuit alleges

‘A transgender California prisoner alleges in a new legal complaint that she spent nine months in solitary confinement after reporting that a cellmate had raped her, exacerbating her distress after the attack.’

A transgender California prison inmate is suing the California Department of Corrections and Rehabilitation, alleging correctional officers harassed her and allowed her to be attacked.

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Transgender resources - University of Victoria

“We started working on the content after questions and concerns came through our office about the experiences and supports for trans, Two-Spirit and non-binary students on campus,” says Kamilla Milligan, EQHR manager of equity and diversity. “We know that people of marginalized gender identities have not always had positive experiences on campus.”

In 2017, a project began behind the scenes to enhance online services and information for trans, Two-Spirit and non-binary students and employees. The new web resource launched on the Equity and Human Rights (EQHR) website in the fall.

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Who was she? Serial killer Samuel Little's Jackson victim was transgender, investigators say

●COLD CASE😢😢😢😢😢😢😢
“Convicted serial killer Samuel Little confessed to killing a 16-year-old male in Jackson, but investigators now believe the victim was actually a transgender woman.”

Serial killer Samuel Little has admitted to killing about 90 people in three decades. The person he admitted to killing in Jackson was transgender.

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In a first, a transgender person is campus president of this Jewish sorority - Jewish Telegraphic Agency

‘In December, the Jewish sorority at the University of Cincinnati elected a new president. The new leader was a founding member of the campus group who was highly involved in Jewish life at the university.’

SAEPi changed its policy over the summer in part because of the University of Cincinnati's Elliott Draznin and two other transgender members.

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What Happens When a Doctor’s Office Voicemail Turns Into a Transphobic Tirade

'“Does that look a guy or a girl to you?” the caller asks on the recording. “That looks like a guy,” another voice responds, prompting laughter. Both voices misgender Mautner with “he” pronouns at different points.'

"It just confirms my distrust of a lot of people."

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Who Is Amber Heard's Golden Globes' Date? Meet Transgender Model and Activist Corey Rae

‘Amber Heard had a blast at the 2019 Golden Globes with close friend Corey Rae by her side.’

Amber Heard brought along Corey Rae as her Golden Globes date on Sunday, a transgender activist

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Opinion | Coming Out as Trans Isn’t a Teenage Fad

●VERY TRUE!!!👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾
“Transgender people have not come up with the entirety of our existence solely to hurt Tucker Carlson’s feelings. We do not embark upon transition because it’s groovy. We are here because our hearts demand it.”

Conservatives are inventing a “syndrome” to undermine young people’s transitions.

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