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Academic who said she was ‘personally victimised’ by trans flags accuses university of ‘no-platforming’ her

‘A “gender-critical” academic who said she was personally victimised by trans flags put up to protest Donald Trump has now claimed she’s been “no-platformed”, after a university postponed her seminar citing safety concerns.’

'Gender-critical' Dr Kathleen Stock has accused the University of East Anglia of 'no-platforming' her, after it postponed her talk citing safety concerns.

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For the 1st Time, Government Census Will Include Families Headed By Transgenders

‘The exercise is scheduled from April 1 to September 30 and the "sex of the head of the household" column will now include three options - male, female and transgender. .’

This will be the first time a transgender column will be added to the census.

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Sci-fi magazine pulls story by trans writer after 'barrage of attacks'

‘Isabel Fall’s story, which was published in Clarkesworld earlier this week and quickly went viral, opens as the narrator describes how they “sexually identify as an attack helicopter”. “I decided that I was done with womanhood, over what womanhood could do for me; I wanted to be something furiously new,” Fall writes. “To the people who say a woman would’ve refused to do what I do, I say – Isn’t that the point?”.’

I Sexually Identify as an Attack Helicopter by Isabel Fall reworked a transphobic meme, but author asked to withdraw it after angry reception

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The Powerful Meaning Behind NikkieTutorial's New Manicure

"I just thought these were cute nails but it just clicked they’re the trans pride flag colors I’m crying," wrote one fan. "Trans pride hell yeah!!!" wrote another. One tweet summed it up pretty perfectly, though: "New nails, new life, new year." For NikkieTutorials, that's the most beautiful part about them.

The makeup artist shared a photo of her new manicure, which highlights the colors of the Transgender Pride Flag on each hand.

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An Open Letter to Youth in Southern States Targeted by Anti-Transgender Legislation

‘I want you to know that even when the loneliness feels like it cuts so deep it consumes your every breath – yes, even then – you are not alone. .’

It’s the latest coordinated attack against trans people, and I know that it can be traumatizing to see this type of legislation threatened to pass – or even introduced in the first place.

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Kim Petras performs her new hit ‘Icy’

‘Petras, a breakout pop star, performs the song live in Times Square..’

Petras, a breakout pop star, performs the song live in Times Square.

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Kyle Draper who has dated trans women before including Laverne Cox posted this advice below:
Advice to Cis Straight Men Who Are New to Dating Trans Women
I’ve been getting multiple cis straight dudes ask me about the dos and don’ts for approaching the subject of surgical status with trans women they are talking to on dating apps.

Check out the video here for how I’ve been answering that question. Trans folks, please comment your thoughts below because I want to make sure I’m getting this right!!! •
❤️❤️❤️ ... See more

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Gay Trump supporters tried to hold a rally and it went just about as well as you think

“He’s appointed some terrible judges that are hostile to the LGBT community, and our protections are eroding so quickly. We must stand up, we must register to vote, and we must get the community to mobilize to stand up against this hate.”

A group of gay Trump supporters attempted to hold a rally in Florida - and it did not exactly go to plan - with several things going wrong.

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Filmmaker Tourmaline Announces Films About 19th Century Trans Woman

‘These short films explore the life of Mary Jones, a Black trans sex worker who lived in New York in the 1830s.’

These short films explore the life of Mary Jones, a Black trans sex worker who lived in New York in the 1830s.

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Who is Claire Darbyshire? Transgender prisoner in Welcome to HMP Belmarsh with Ross Kemp

'She claims they both made a suicide pact, and upon sentencing her, Recorder of London Nicholas Hilliard QC said: "I accept your evidence that your father did raise the question of ending his own life and he wanted to do that and wanted your help to do so." However, he added that it was done unlawfully and no defence to murder was legitimate. ’

The new series boasts a wealth of intriguing interviews.

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