3 months ago
Second staffer quits Rosie Duffield’s team over the Labour MP’s ‘transphobic’ comments

EXCLUSIVE: The staffer slammed the Labour MP's views as 'detrimental to the welfare of the trans community in the UK'

A second woman has resigned from the office of Labour's Rosie Duffield over the Canterbury MP's continued anti-trans statements.

3 months ago
Trans boy, 17, waiting two and half years to get an appointment at gender clinic

‘Harry Steel, 17, first came out as trans to his family in October 2017 and was referred to a GIC by his GP the following year. He then received a letter saying he’d get an appointment in 12 to 18 months – but has heard nothing since.’

Being unable to transition has stripped him of his hobbies and made socialising difficult.

3 months ago
Siberian Cop Murders Transgender Girlfriend – Reports - The Moscow Times

Viktoria Basakovskaya was brutally murdered by her ex-boyfriend out jealousy, he is a police detective & had accomplices who were police officers. He also reported her missing.

Reports identified the victim as Viktoria Basakovskaya, a transgender woman whose passport still classified her as male.

3 months ago
Rare Bird That's Half Male, Half Female Found At Powdermill Nature Reserve

“The newly banded Rose-breasted Grosbeak is a gynandromorph, meaning that it is part male and part female. This particular Grosbeak is male on the right side and female on the left, making it a bilateral gynandromorph..”

A rare bird has been found at Powdermill Nature Reserve in Westmoreland County.

3 months ago
Monica Roberts, Transgender Advocate and Journalist, Dies at 58

‘Her mother, Mable Roberts, confirmed the death. She said that Ms. Roberts had complained of chest pains the day before her death and a medical examiner had found blood clots in her lungs..’


Ms. Roberts started her blog, TransGriot, in 2006, at a time when coverage of transgender issues by the mainstream media was limited.

3 months ago
Transgender man's dream of joining U.S. military thwarted for now

‘Paulo Batista is lifting weights and hitting the books, striving to fulfill his father’s dying wish for him to join the U.S. military. But he says all he has heard from the armed forces is either silence or a door slamming shut.’

Paulo Batista is effectively banned from military service under a policy announced by President Donald Trump in 2017 and formally adopted in 2019.

3 months ago
Over 500 LGBTQ candidates to appear on November ballots, shattering records

“A historic number of openly LGBTQ people are running for office this year and we have the opportunity to elect an unprecedented number on Election Day,” former Houston Mayor Annise Parker, president and CEO of the LGBTQ Victory Fund


A lesbian Air Force veteran in Texas, a transgender advocate in Delaware and a gay attorney in New York are among those running for office.

3 months ago
Amy Coney Barrett winning Supreme Court seat would ‘be the final puzzle piece’ in overturning marriage equality, lawyers warn

‘Amy Coney Barrett, Trump’s nominee to replace ..Ruth Bader Ginsburg on the Supreme Court, has been accused of cozying up to groups that “fan the flames” of anti-trans rhetoric and of posing a direct threat to equal marriage.’


Amy Coney Barrett, Donald Trump’s nominee to replace LGBT+ rights hero Ruth Bader Ginsburg on the Supreme Court, has been accused of cozying up to groups that “fan the flames” of anti-trans rhetoric and of posing a direct threat to equal marriage.

3 months ago
Brooklyn Deshauna Smith Is the 5th Trans Woman Killed in 3 Weeks

A Black trans woman was found shot to death in Louisiana last Wednesday, making 2020 the deadliest year for the trans people. Brooklyn DeShauna Smith, 20, was discovered in her apartment suffering from gunshot wound🤬🤬🤬

Anyone with information is encouraged to contact the Shreveport Police Department at (318) 673-7300 #3 or (318) 673-6955. Anonymous tipsters can contact Caddo Shreveport Crime Stoppers at (318) 673-7373 or on the P3Tips app.'

At 32, Smith was just at the beginnng of her life.

3 months ago
SNL star Pete Davidson loved Harry Potter so much he got a tattoo, before JK Rowling’s ‘disappointing’ outburtsts

'I got a Harry Potter tattoo years ago cause I’m not psychic. I didn't know JK Rowling was going to go all Mel Gibson on us'

Pete Davidson has expressed his regret at getting a Harry Potter tattoo after JK Rowling made her "disappointing" anti-trans views public.

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