Miss saHHara is a singer/songwriter, fashion model, beauty queen, and a human rights advocate.
A keen beauty and fashion enthusiast, she has cat-walked for numerous designers at London Fashion Week, graced the covers of several magazines, has hosted and appeared in shows across Europe and Asia.

In 2011, Miss saHHara was the subject of a Sky Living documentary exploring the lives of transgender women participating in beauty pageants in Thailand. This programme had several re-runs worldwide pulling total audience figures of over 1.4 million.

In 2014, she was crowned the first ever Super Sireyna Worldwide, a global transgender beauty pageant, which took place in The Philippines. At the pageant, she represented her birth country to draw attention to the negative social and legal attitudes towards the LGBT community in Nigeria and Africa at large. Prior to this, she had been runner up or won a number of other pageants in the United Kingdom.

As part of her advocacy, she started TransValid Organisation; a global awareness project for the transgender communities and allies to tackle misconceptions, fear, and hatred for transgender people worldwide. TransValid empowers the transgender community by using varied number of media forums and outreach programs to educate members of the public.

As a strong advocate for education and female empowerment, Miss saHHara is a Master’s Degree holder in Digital Media. She uses her experiences in media to utilize positive media campaigns for the transgender community. She hopes to further her education in Gender & Sexuality studies in the nearer future.



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