Picture by Siti Kasim/ Facebook

KUALA LUMPUR. Siti Zabedah Kasim filed a law suit against the Federal Territories Islamic Religious Department (JAWI) on October 20th 2016 for a raid conducted by JAWI on a fund raising dinner event held at The Renaissance Hotel, Kuala Lumpur on April the 3rd this year, which Kasim was also arrested for being an invited guest. During the event, over 200 people were stopped from leaving by the vigilante styled religious enforcement officials known as JAWI.

“At around 10ish suddenly I saw a group of JAWI enforcement people standing around at the back of the room without any police presence but with the media tagging along. I asked for their warrant for entering this closed door dinner. The Maknyahs were simply having dinner and doing a show as if it is a beauty contest and each of them pretended to represent a country of their choice. Since when it is against the law to have a show during a dinner?” Siti wrote on Facebook page.

The human rights advocate and lawyer clearly knows her rights and now she want details of the officers who raided the transgender beauty contest which was a closed door event.

“They did not tell me why I was being arrested,……They forced me into a van and took me to the police station.” She said.

She said the raid was carried out without any official warrant being presented, and the religious officers were also not accompanied by police.
Siti Zabedah named Jawi as the sole defendant in the summons, which was filed by the law firm Mark Law Chambers.

Kasim want the department to name the religious officers concerned in the raid.





The Federal Territories Islamic Religious Department  or JAWI as they are popularly known, asserted in their mission and vision statement as follows:

‘Strengthening Aqidah, Sharia and Morals collectively and comprehensive’

JAWI refused to acknowledge the validity of transgender people or any association/organisations that recognises transpeople in Malaysia.

She requested for the names, identification numbers and positions of the officials who were involved in the raids. She also want the copies of any police reports lodged in opposition to her, reproduction of arrest report and any warrant which gave the religious department the authority to perform the raid on the event and her arrest.

Kasim wrote the following on her Facebook wall this morning:

‘I never wanted any of this but do it I must. We have laws in this country and hopefully these religious bodies or any one cannot simply take our liberties away.

I urge all Malaysians especially Malays, don’t let anyone step on you under the pretext of Islam.

This is not about going against Islam but against tyranny.

Written by Miss saHHara