PHILIPPINES: Geraldine Roman, how she had her legal name and gender changed!




Geraldine Roman and Pinky Webb (Credit: Geraldine Roman/Twitter)

Geraldine Roman and Pinky Webb (Credit: Geraldine Roman/Twitter)

‘I am who I am today because of my decision’— CNN Philippines

Geraldine Roman appeared on CNN’s morning show, #TheSource, hosted by Pinky Webb. They talked about different policies and her election as the first Congress trans person. The most interesting part of the interview was when she gave a background to her life journey. 22 years ago Philippines was more flexible in legally accepting transgender people (through petition). But today, although socially accepted, transpeople are not legally accepted to change their official documents to match the authentic identities………. She made a great point about how she would not have been who she is today if she was not legally allowed to change her gender and name in her official documents 22 years ago. 

WE HOPE THE FILIPINO GOVERNMENT IS LISTENING TO THE CRYS OF #TRANSPINAYS. THEY NEED GENDER RECOGNITION ACT AND EQUALITY BILLS. They are also the citizen of the country, they should be given the same respect and opportunities like every other citizen of The Philippines.

#GenderConfirmation #GenderRecognition