POINT OF PRIDE: The Annual Transgender Surgery Fund

2017 recipient Gabriel (center) with Point of Pride leadership & volunteers

Transgender people who cannot afford their gender-affirming surgeries may apply for direct financial assistance now.

Point of Pride is accepting applications for its Annual Transgender Surgery Fund in 2018, a scholarship-like program that offers direct financial assistance to trans people who cannot afford their gender-affirming surgery.

Any person who identifies as transgender and cannot afford their procedure—whether or not they have health insurance—may apply for this assistance at www.pointofpride.org/surgery-fund. Applications close on November 30, and finalists will be announced early 2018.

Their website states: ‘Point of Pride’s Annual Transgender Surgery Fund is our signature fundraiser: this scholarship-like program provides direct financial assistance to trans folks who cannot afford their gender-affirming surgery.’

“It’s hard to understate the life-changing difference surgery means for trans people, not only with their self-confidence and body image, but also their ability to live freely and authentically when out in public, at the workplace, and at school. For our 2017 cycle, we received 477 applications and awarded $11,000 in funding to three recipients—Armaan, Caden, and Gabriel. Each of them were able to have their surgeries this summer.” Aydian Dowling, Board President for Point of Pride, said.

“With the uncertain future of health care in the United States, it’s imperative we help as many of these deserving applicants as we can, to give them the care they so urgently need,” said Jeffrey Main, Board Secretary for Point of Pride. “Programs like the Surgery Fund are so important until the time all trans folks can get the coverage and assistance they need.”

Those interested in supporting the Surgery Fund may do so by visiting www.pointofpride.org/donate.

Point of Pride works to support trans youth and adults who otherwise lack access through gender-affirming programs that empower them to live more authentically.

Point of Pride is a non-profit organisation based in Eugene, Oregon that serves the international transgender community. Point of Pride is entirely volunteer-operated. In addition to the Surgery Fund, they donate free chest binders and trans femme shape-wear for folks who cannot afford or safely obtain these garments. To date, Point of Pride has provided 2,000+ binders and $17,000+ in financial assistance to recipients in 31 countries. Learn more at pointofpride.org.




SOURCE/CREDIT: Therainbowtimesmass.com