(WATCH) YOU NEVER KNOW WHO MIGHT HELP YOU: A transgender person could save your life!


Stunning short film about Indian Transgender community called KARUNA(Meaning COMPASSION) is shedding lights on why we should not lose our humanity when dealing with people you dont know. Maybe they could be your saving grace.

In the video, the star actress by the name Gowri Savithri who was a cover model for Red Lotus fashion company last year in our INDIA’S MODELS OF HOPE publication, was waiting at the hospital’s reception room, when a little girl and her grand parents arrives at the reception of the hospital to be greeted by the girl’s father who has been in the hospital all through. The father occupied with worry, because his wife is in the hospital.

As the family walked passed Gowri, the little girl dropped her doll and Gowri picked up the doll and playfully gave it to the girl, the innocence of the little girl shows that she did not mind Gowri’s life history, but the grand parent were not amused.

‘Don’t touch that one’ The grandmother said to the little girl.

Everyone at the reception room were looking at Gowri sneeringly, they refused to seat next to her because Gowri is a transgender woman.

As the film continues, the family were impatiently waiting for the doctor. When the doctor arrived he introduced Gowri as the lady who saved his wife’s life.

The films sends a very important message to people. Compassion saves lives, hate destroys lives.

Karuna by 2idiots

All what transpeople want is tolerance, opportunities and respect like any other human being, which they rightly are.
This short film made for Navodaya Movement, a Mumbai based NGO, by 2idiots, is meant to portray a positive image for the transgender community in India.

‘It was big challenge. The feelings had to be conveyed. The subject had to be handled with sensitivity…..’ 2idiots